Mini’s “Not Normal”

2013_mini_not_normal_campaignA new MINI ad campaign started in June under the claim that ownership of a MINI is “NOT NORMAL”. The global campaign is designed to conveys the brand’s individual, high-energy attitude to life and highlights the strong emotional and personal connection between driver and MINI. “NOT NORMAL” focuses on MINI’s strong, independent character. The campaign, which integrates the full range of MINI products, will be rolled out worldwide through a mixture of TV ads, print ads and social media adverts.

At the heart of the MINI brand campaign are two new TV spots. The emotionally-powerful “A FRIEND FOR LIFE” spot shows in a humorous way how MINI is a lifelong companion for young and old alike in all situations of life. In typical MINI style, the spot shows people in various stages of their lives who all share one thing in common: their passion for MINI. The spots have different endings: One shows former rally driver Rauno Aaltonen as an enthusiastic MINI fan.

The spot can be viewed online at:


The second TV spot, “BAND OF MINI”, shows four MINI drivers in different MINI models who meet at a crossroads all listening in synch to the song “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness. The four come together to form a MINI band with a difference. The drivers share a love of MINI, the same individual attitude to life and similar interests – in this case, the same taste in music. The final scene shows bulldog Tillman, the famous skating English bulldog, riding his skateboard.

The spot can be viewed online at:


The print campaign uses various colourful motifs with mischievous headlines to tell out-of-the-ordinary “NOT NORMAL” stories. All motifs share the same look and feel, and depict the personal bond between a MINI and its driver: for example, with the image of a MINI owner celebrating his MINI’s birthday with a cake in the garage, or a MINI whose driving dynamics are a source of artistic inspiration.



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